Pregnancy #3: 34 Weeks


How Far Along?


34 weeks + 3 days


Weight gained


24 lbs <— which was my total gained with Drew. YIKES!




My darling husband has had a few morning of dropping his alarm clock (and half the stuff off his nighstand) which makes it really hard for me to fall asleep again after. And Andrews been crying for 5 seconds at 4am every morning that immediately awakes me and I cannot fall back asleep from. But other than that I feel like Im in a sweet spot for sleep right now and trying to soak up every minute.




Chocolate croissants, all the cookies (combine and you get the reason behind my weight gain 😉 ), caramel peppermint lattes & panda express (the only one I haven’t satisfied).




The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.




He’s not moving a ton but his movements are nuts! Little feet in my upper belly, hiccups down low, limbs on both sides and the other night his entire arm + shoulder poking out of my right side. It was crazzzzzy and really




The past couple of days I’ve had a lot of pelvic soreness. It hurts to walk sometimes and chase after the boys so I’m trying to take it easier. Braxton Hicks but they’ve been getting better from all my water chugging. Thirst. So much thirst. And thus so much water. And thus so much peeing. Lower back pain. Owww. Nausea. Again. I think it’s one of the reasons behind my peppermint love lately. It helps relieve the nausea a bit.


Baby Things


Up until today, I’ve been on a huge nesting kick. This week I deep cleaned everything: the living room, the nursery, our room. It feels and looks a million times better! I also mostly finished our hospital bag so that’s good. And set up what will be my nursing station in our room. Wahoo!




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