Pregnancy #3: 35 Weeks



How Far Along?

35 weeks + 3 days



Weight Gained





Exhaustion is back in full force. To compound the problem, the past few nights I’ve been completely restless. Kyle likes to party at night, my mind goes a mile a minute and I literally have to pee every 10 minutes. I need 24 hours to just lay in bed and restock my sleep bank.




Chocolate croissants, strawberry & mint chocolate chip ice cream (a scoop of each would be divine…or a pint), panda express, carnitas tacos & bacon, egg and cream cheese sandwiches! Mmm




The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.




Usually start around 5pm and go through the night. Quite terrifying when I think of how this schedule will translate once he’s out!!




Nausea. Still.

Swelling! I’ve never experienced it during pregnancy before, only after I gave birth to Drew, but on Christmas morning I went to try on slippers from my inlaws and they were really tight despite being sized up. I looked down and realized my feet and ankles were incredibly swollen. It was also 80 degrees in our house and Id just spent 3 hours standing in the kitchen making homemade cinnamon rolls. Relaxing on the couch with my feet up and switching our A/C back on helped and I havent experienced it since.

Dizziness/uneasiness. Especially in the mornings. Its this weird hot feeling where I feel like I might pass out and throw up all at once. Not pleasant.

Exhaustion. I’m really tired lately.

I have to pee all.the.time. And its no surprise why. Kyle’s officially dropped. As of my OB appt this week he’s at a -1 station (most babies are at a -3 at this stage), I’m 100% effaced and 1/2cm dilated. So basically he could come at any time…or he could be late. Its a waiting game and I honestly felt better about the wait before my appt. Now i keep thinking my water might break at any moment. ((For comparison, I looked back and I was only 50% effaced and Drew was at a -3 station when i was admitted in labor with him))

My gut instinct says I might not make it to our anniversary January 12th. My first goal is to make it to the new year. Then to Sunday when Ill be 36 weeks. Then Jan 10th when Ill be fullterm. After that he can come whenever!

We’re ready when you are, sweet boy 🙂 ♡



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