Pregnancy #3: 36 Weeks


How Far Along?

36 weeks + 3 days

Weight Gained



Exhaustion is back in full force. I’ve been napping for an hour with the kids at naptime and am beyond ready for bed by 8pm (really, long before that but sleeping earlier isn’t possible while the kids are up). I’ve been waking up around 2am every morning and tossing and turning. Most days I’m able to get back to bed until 4am or so but then I’m fairly restless. Thankfully, nighttime sleep is going fairly well still!


Chocolate croissants. Always and forever. Reubens, again. Pancakes (I have them every morning they’re so darn good).



The aftertaste of almost everything makes me feel really gross.



Not intense but he loves to stretch his little feet and legs out on my right side. And he gets hiccups quite often, just like Jax did.


Nausea. Still. I combat it by shoveling food into my mouth constantly šŸ™‚

Exhaustion. Iā€™m really tired lately. I constantly feel like I could fall asleep at any moment and try to catnap unnoticed on the couch while the boys play. It never, however, gets unnoticed. Instead Andrew climbs onto my back saying “mommy, mommy!” and cuddles up close and Jackson uses the time to escape and find pens throughout the house to decorate the walls.

Pelvic soreness. It hurts to move, to roll over, to walk, to put on shoes pants or socks. Hes so low, especially the past 2 days, that its constant severe pressure. Im so ready to MEET him!! Come on out little man. Eeeekkkkkk

My lower back aches. And so does my pelvis, especially by the end of the day. As of Monday, Kyle’s moved back up a bit and is sitting happily at a -2 station. But I can tell he drops significantly by the end of the day. Apparently he’s indecisive…like his mama.


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