Kyle Henderson: 1 Month

As I sit here with you curled up on my chest, lightly snoring, your brothers sitting beside us eating cereal with Paw Patrol playing in the background, I’m overcome by this feeling of content, of pure happiness. You are such a blessing and such a joy. You’ve made our family feel complete, something I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel, as if money and skies were the limit we’d happily have a million tiny babies.


You are such a sweet baby. You rarely ever cry and using the word cry feels like an exaggeration. You’ll let out a cry for a second or two to let us know you’re unhappy but will never cry for long. You’re extremely happy and extremely easy to please. Your only wants in life are to eat and to cuddle. You dislike being put down, even if you’re fed, clean and tired. You much prefer sleeping on my chest or in my arms. And while I love our cuddles, with two older brothers to care for, i often feel like I’m constantly juggling everything.


In the past month you’ve probably gained a bit over 3lbs!! Your triple chins and extra rolls make me proud. You’ve started to begin to give intentional smiles and they are every bit as heart melting as I imagined.


Your eyes are still blue and we constantly wonder if they’ll stay blue like Jackson’s or turn hazel like Andrews. Your hair is this beautiful, soft dark brown that fluffs after baths and sticks up when you wake up in the morning. Your cheeks are utter perfection. They constantly beckon for kisses and are so soft and smooth I find myself brushing your face with my finger constantly, especially while we nurse.


Our love for you is fierce. And your brothers have taken to you immediately. Whenever you’re around they run to kiss you and hold your hands. They love to “play” with you on your activity mat and constantly ask to touch, hold and kiss you. Jackson gets especially worried whenever you’re upset and will run over to sing to you and rock you. He always asks to wash his hands so he can touch you and wants to know when you’re hungry so he can help feed you.



andrew is equally enamored. He loves to try to tickle you and kiss your face, which often consists more of a head butt and slobbery face wash but it’s the thought that counts. He’s still too young to really understand how little you are but insists on being present for nursing, diaper changes and anything that involves being near you.


This month has been a whirlwind blur of no sleep, constant nursing and an extra 31 days of being constantly attached to you 24/7, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re the piece of Our family we always knew was missing and dreamed of all our lives. We couldn’t be more grateful for this past month, for being your mommy and daddy, for every moment we get to spend kissing, holding and loving you. Happy 1 month baby boy!!



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