Andrew Weston,

My sweet sweet boy. There truly aren’t words to describe what you mean to me or enough words in the world to capture how much I love you. You are incredible.



I say it time and time again but time keeps flying faster and faster. I blinked and suddenly you’re this amazing little BOY. Even though it still feels like yesterday that we were bringing you into the world. I remember it so vividly.



But still somehow two years have passed. You’re strong and energetic with a charismatic personality that no one is able to ignore. You make friends with ease and love saying hi to new people. You love to play with other kids on the playground though your best friend is your big brother by far.




And for every bit as kind, caring, nurturing and loving as you are with your flawless ability to quickly share a toy or run to comfort someone who’s crying (especially if that someone is your baby brother), you’re every bit as quick to stand up for your brothers as well. Even though Jackson is perfectly capable of defending himself, and stands at a head taller than you with 10 extra pounds on his frame, if someone pushes him or yells at him at the park, you seem to come out of nowhere and will push that kid right back. Even if they’re 3 times your size. You’re fearless and defend what you love and although some might argue you shouldn’t push, I am so dang proud of the reckless abandon with which you protect your family.


You are obsessed with animals and when the weather is nice we visit the zoo at least once a week. You can’t see a dog without wanting to pet it (and hug it, and kiss it), you try to literally climb the zoo fences to reach the animals just to say “hi” and your face lights up with this adorable glow of unaltered excitement whenever you see a furry friend. If I ask you if you want to go see the animals (meaning, go to the zoo), you get so excited and enthusiastically scream “YEASSSH!”


You’re convinced you can do anything Jackson can do, and I’m often amazed that you’re absolutely correct. From scaling the rock climbing wall at the park without assistance to getting yourself a snack from the fridge, you are fiercely independent. But there are still times, albeit rare these days, when I still see my little baby inside you. The times when you struggle with getting onto the big boy swings by yourself, can’t quite reach the granola bars even on your tippy toes and using the bathroom scale as a stool or when the bigger kids aren’t quite so nice. You’re such an easy going little boy but my mama heart aches when I see others take advantage of your loving soul. You are so darn special, kid. And so darn loved.


You’re my snugglebug. And I absolutely love it. You often carry over your blankie (that you insist on dragging everywhere with you, even through the dog water) to me and climb into my lap (despite whether or not Kyle is already there). You curl up and place your head on me and my heart melts.


Even at two you’ll fall asleep in my arms and your cuddles are one of my favorite things in the world. They make up for the fact that this week you pulled your tiny hand from mine and told me “no mommy, I walk”. But then you’ll turn around 5 minutes later with outstretched arms and beg “carry mommy! Carry” and my world is right again.


When you get tired you stick your tongue between your teeth and when you’re going down to bed at night you often make the sucking motion with your mouth as if you were nursing. And again shines through that baby boy I still see when I look at you.


You love to kick balls, slide and could swing forever if we let you. Just the other day you swung so long you actually fell asleep.



Enter a caption

Speaking of sleep, what happened with that?! Where once you would sleep until 7am, you’re now going on 3 straight weeks of 3am wakeups. I love our extra time together but it’s exhausting. And I can tell you’re exhausted too. Along with the good sleeper of yesteryear went our fantastic eater. Now you’re so busy climbing around the table and messing with us while we eat that your plate is left hardly touched. I’m hoping it’s all a phase, and I’m sure it is.



If I could sum you up in one word it’d be incredible. Incredibly sweet, incredibly loving, incredibly adorable, incredibly perfect and incredibly loved. You’re one of a kind and I thank my lucky stars each and every day that you’re mine. Being your mommy is such a blessing. I love you sweetheart.


Happy 2nd Birthday!


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