Soaking in Spring

Spring has officially sprung here in DC. Not only is the weather a perfect mid-60 degrees most days, with little humidity, the sun shines from early morning til after bedtime but the trees are all reaching their peak bloom and the result could not be more breathtaking. Where a few weeks ago only bare trees and branches existed, there are now signs of new life and beauty.

We’ve taken every advantage of the weather and sunshine, exploring the zoo, visiting one of the most kid friendly hiking spots near us (that still offers a view) & playing at every playground we can find.

Thursday we ventured out to the zoo, completely forgetting about the Spring break crowds. We started off at the kids farm where we said hi to the pigs, cows and alpacas then headed up the American Trail, passing the spectacled bears and finding ourselves mere inches from the sea lions.


We eventually continued on to see the panda bears & elephants before heading back down the hill for a ride on the carousel.


After 3.5 hours, the boys collapsed in the backseat, a sure sign of a successful morning.


Bry worked Thursday night and came home at 2am Friday to catch up on sleep. The weather forecast that had long been calling for rain, cleared, so at 7am I packed up the kids and our backpack then giddily woke up bry convincing him we should go for a family hike. I enticed him with promises of coffee and breakfast and 5 minutes later, we were on our way.

The drive to the mountain was foreboding, with dark clouds looming overhead in the distance. By the time we made it to the parking lot at the base of the trail there was a full on downpour. Whomp whomp. We ended up feeding the older boys and I nursed kyle while we waited for a break in the clouds. It only took 10 minutes and suddenly the rain stopped and the sun started to peek through. Off we went!

Sugarloaf Mountain is a great place for younger kids to hike. The trail to the top, while steep and full of endless stairs, is short. At the top there’s a large, flat area for the kids to safely run around, collect rocks and take breaks for snacks while taking in the view.



After an hour or so, we headed back down the mountain and headed home. After naps we headed out for a walk to the park before dinner and bedtime.

Saturday morning was sunny but cold. We overestimated Spring’s full arrival and were surprised to find it was only 36 degrees. Still, we pressed on and packed up the strollers to head to another park. I took off with kyle for a run while bry walked the kids to the park. We ended up covering 5 beautiful miles before meeting up with the other boys to stretch and play.

After an hour, we were all red nosed and cold so we embarked on the 1.5mi walk home. We quickly assembled a hod podge lunch. As we ate brys parents called to say they were already here! They’re visiting for the week and we were all excited when they arrived a few hours earlier than expected. We got to play for a bit and say hi before the boys went down for their naps, allowing the adults to catch up in peace.

Once the boys awoke we drove by a house we were looking at before finding ourselves at the park. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re house hunting! While we’re just starting to dip our toes into the water of our home search, we’re really excited for our next chapter and hope to find a place within the year.

Eventually we headed home so I could start dinner. We feasted on chicken carnitas, kale and broccoli slaw and corn and avocado salad while enjoying the far too rare company of family.

Sunday was Easter! We drove to our favorite bagel place for bagel sandwiches (a weekly tradition) before heading to the nearby trail via a detour around the tidal basin in DC. We completely underestimated how many people would be out at 7am on Easter to see the cherry Blossoms and ended up getting caught in gridlock traffic. Brys parents still got to see the gorgeous trees in full bloom so the trip wasn’t wasted, but we quickly switched gears and headed to the trail.


By the time we parked, all 3 boys were fast asleep.We set up at a nearby picnic table to eat our giant sandwiches and once the boys awoke, we kicked the ball around in the field and walked down to the water to find rocks. It was another brisk morning so we didn’t stay too long.

We headed home to hide Easter eggs that the boys had dyed with MiMi the night before.


They loved the thrill of finding each new hidden egg, though Andrew attempted to crack his so he could eat it! The easter bunny came with goodies of books, new clothes and a rattle toy for Kyle. But the highlight of their easter baskets was the endless paper grass that were still finding around the living room.

After naps we drove over to MiMi and Pappy’s hotel (Jackson calls it “the big house”) to swim in their indoor pool. We had a blast splashing, learning to swim and jumping non-stop. Thank goodness for puddle jumpers. And for an amazing MiMi who generously cuddled the baby so mommy could swim with her biggest boys too.

After an hour and a half we were all exhausted. And hungry! We swung by Whole Foods for some dinner ingredients and the creamery for some very necessary ice cream before driving home to quickly cook. We had teriyaki salmon, roasted asparagus and quinoa before diving head first into the good stuff. Ice cream!!!

It was a wonderful weekend that like most, flew by far too quickly. Thankfully MiMi & Pappy are here all week which makes it feel like a vacation at home and allows the fun to continue all week long ūüôā


Playing Catch Up

Woah, where has the time gone?! When your days are filled with chasing 3 little ones and your nights consist of marathon feeding sessions, the weeks fly by at lightening speed! So let’s play a little catch up.

Somehow I blinked again and this perfect little boy turned TWO months old. IMG_20160307_160717

He’s weighing in at a whopping 13lbs 1oz and is 24″ long. He’s still sporting these memorizing baby blues and loves to show off his gummy smile. He’s starting to “talk” and loves when you talk back. He’s a big fan of his tongue and is thoroughly amused when you stick your tongue back out at him.


When he’s fussy, which is rare unless we’ve missed his golden hour at bedtime to put him down before he’s overtired, patting his back is his preferred method of soothing. He’s obsessed with the Ergo and gladly spends his nap times in there whenever were on the go. He’s basically perfect and we’re still in disbelief that were lucky enough to be his parents.

The older boys are doing great! Andrew will be 2 next month which completely blows my mind. He’s still so small: he gets tired on long walks and asks “carry mommy” while throwing his arms up at me to pick him up, he carries his blankey everywhere with him and still sports those beautiful baby cheeks.


He’s got these huge eyes that are full of innocence and these tiny lips that beg to be kissed. He loves his brothers and is such a sweetheart to everyone he meets. When we pick jax up from school, he greets big brother with a bear hug and squeal of excitement yelling “Jack!!!” & is always has to be pulled away from his endless kisses and dances for baby kyle or he’d never stop slobbering all over baby brothers bald head.


But at the same time he’s getting so big, stringing together sentences, mastering the rock climbing wall at the park without assistance and asserting himself in true toddler form with emphatic “no!”s.


Jax is still in school 3 mornings a week and loves it. ¬†He’s learned so much this year and grown by leaps and bounds. His language has taken off and most days are filled with nonstop chatter, namely in the form of questions or endless observations.


He’s still obsessed with trucks, dirt and lately, Paw Patrol. The long winter days coupled with a newborn and incredibly early wakeups for the entire house, led to far more TV time than I’d care to admit. But the weather is finally turning and Spring is definitely in the air.



Oh this weather! After snowfall last Friday we’ve been spending every waking hour outside this week, soaking up the 60 and 70 degree sunshine. We’ve gone to visit the animals at the zoo, frequented countless parks, gone for morning hikes, eaten dinners on the back deck…





And I’ve finally found my way back into my running shoes! After each boy I’ve trained for a half marathon so it only seems right to do the same now. I have my sights on one in September and hope to register as soon as registration opens in April. Right now I’m running 3 days a week with the double stroller (when weather allows) & trying to get 10k steps in every day. I’m currently¬†up to about¬†4 miles¬†for my long runs.¬†I have an extremely generous friend who just gifted me a gym membership which I can’t wait to start using this week, perfectly timed with the rain we’re expecting. I’m hoping to throw in some bootcamp classes for cross training and maybe some spin, yoga or bootcamp if schedules allow. Just moving again from my permanent butt print on the couch¬†during the endless days of nursing, feels amazing.

So here’s to a new season! & hopefully updating this space more often with training and with life.

Andrew Weston: 18 Months

18 months. A year and a half. While it feels like just yesterday we were bringing you into the world, after a lonnnng 22 hours of laboring, it also feels like you’ve always been a part of our family. Life without you is unimaginable. You are just a light in our lives, a tiny ball of fun, beauty and love. You truly make our family whole.


Oh, Andrew. There’s so much love I have for you that words just cannot begin to grasp. There’s no way to express how much you mean to me but I’ll try. You are this loving, laughing, cuddlebug who adores being around others. You say hi to everyone and everything you encounter, with a giant smile on your adorable little face, still sporting the same 12 teeth you’ve seemed to have forever. Your big brown eyes light up when people respond to you, as you stand there waving your tiny hand above your head as if it’s a hat. You can constantly be found sitting or standing at the dormer window in our living room, looking out at people, dogs and cars passing, waving and saying hi or “buh bye”. You are such a friendly little boy.


You love dogs. If there is one anywhere within a mile of you, you’re sprinting off without hesitation to chase it down for a hug and a kiss. You yell “dah! dah!” as you go and squat down as soon as you reach it, wrapping your tiny arms around the dogs girth and kissing it on the snout. Even if it’s 4 times bigger than you, you bend down and give it all your loving. You giggle when they kiss you back. You love all animals and get especially excited for our trips to the zoo and animal park. You have no fear when it comes to petting strange birds, emos, cows or any other animal you get the opportunity to encounter. Your love for them almost got you killed when you walked straight after a duck, into a duck pond at the animal park last week. But that’s a story for another day and a memory I’d rather soon forget.


Your love for your big brother is immeasurable. You have some similar mannerisms as him, that are so fun to see since you are such completely different little men. Whatever he is doing, you want to do to. You love to mess with him and start wrestling wars, especially when he’s watching a movie. You taunt him, wrestle him, tease him and love him with everything you are.


Your quick to give hugs and kisses, especially to Jackson. You pucker your tiny lips and make¬†a kissing sound when you want a big slobbery kiss and outreach your arms when you’re looking for a sweet embrace. You’re vocabulary has taken off, with your favorite words being “hi”, “buh bye” and of course “no”. But at the top of the list are also “please” and “thank you” which I couldn’t be more proud of. Or smile at because your tiny rendition of both are so darn cute. “peas” and “tank ew”.


You also have started to repeat “eww” when something is gross and aren’t afraid to ask for a “bite” of whatever we’re eating. Your appetite is insatiable. You’re always eating, always hungry and thankfully, always up for trying new things. Your favorites lately are soup and oatmeal because you get to use a spoon and make a colossal mess. But it’s all in the name of learning and dinner is often followed by bath time.


Like brother bear, you’re obsessed with being outside. You love trucks, tractors, dirt, rocks, flowers, picking unripe vegetables or overly ripe vegetables off the bushes. And everything inevitably ends up in your mouth. We are constantly yelling at you to spit out the handfuls of mulch, dirt and sand you seem to find everywhere we go.


I wish I could clone you. You’re the world’s sweetest babe and your sleep schedule is enviable. You wake up between 7-8am most mornings (though occasionally you try to keep up with big brother and wake up earlier, which almost always leads to overtiredness and a realization that you made a mistake and sleep is way better than 5am wakeups). You go to bed at the same time as brother, about 7/7:30 every night. You nap when he does, from 1:30-3:30/4pm most days and occasionally will take a cat nap in the mornings if we’re in the car or on a run. You’re incredibly adaptable and I don’t know if it’s because you’re the 2nd child or just perfect ūüėČ


You LOVE music. LOVE IT. Whenever a song comes on the radio you can be found grooving along to the beat in your carseat. If it’s on the TV or we’re home, you do¬†a wiggle dance, shaking your tiny booty. You love to move and groove. You’ve started to do this really funny gallop and usually walk on your tippy toes to get places. At the farm the other week you went after the monkeys, galloping sideways to them, with your hands at your armpits saying “ooh ooh!”


You love babies and are quick to embrace them in a hug and attempt to slobber kiss their faces. When you encounter one in a carrier or carseat, you always attempt to find your way in alongside them, so you can give them a big hug. At big brother’s birthday party, our friend’s brought their newborn. You spent no less than 15 minutes holding her and resting your head on her tiny belly. There’s no doubt you’re going to love being a big brother, and you’re going to be a wonderful one at that.


You’re such a big help lately too. When we open the living room baby gate at night to go have bath time, you run out giddily laughing and head straight for the changing table to grab diapers for you and Jax. When we clean up toys at night before bed, you run around happily grabbing one toy at a time and chucking them into the nearest basket with enthusiasm…and then you commence in self-clapping for yourself and smiling brightly. You’re too much sometimes and never fail to make us all laugh and smile constantly.


People often ask if you’re “always this happy” and the resigning truth is, YES! You seriously are this constantly happy, easygoing, smiling and laughing kid. You rarely cry and when you throw a “tantrum” it consists of getting this pouty tip, throwing down whatever is in your hand then throwing yourself onto the nearest pillow/rug/blanket and rocking for a few seconds. Then you stand up, turn around and go about your business.


Watching you with Jackson is my favorite thing in the world. The bond the two of you share is something I couldn’t have dreamed of. You are so close, so in love with one another and though there are occasional times you fight over toys or get too rough with one another when you play, there is overwhelmingly more laughter and happiness. I can’t imagine either¬†of you as only kids and am so grateful for the bond you two share, and for the opportunity to watch you grow together. I love you both so much and can’t even imagine how Kyle will fit into the mix come January. But I know he’ll find a perfect place, just like you coming in our lives.


You are so very loved, with every part of my being. You’re my heart, my soul, my everything and there isn’t a moment of any day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I get to be your mama.


1st Day of Preschool

Just like that, my baby boy isn’t such a baby anymore. He’s this walking, talking, opinionated, outgoing little man who is suddenly old enough for school! He had his first day of 3’s preschool and couldn’t have been more excited to start.


He’ll be going three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 4 hours in the mornings. He’s ready for the social interaction and school structure and as January nears and the belly grows, I’m ready for some one on one time with my soon to be middle child.

He loved his first day and ran into the class without so much as a goodbye or a glance back. He was hooked.

IMG_20150909_0905283042 IMG_20150909_0905378432

As we left, Andrew realized big brother wasn’t coming home with us and had a mini meltdown all the way to the trail. He was fine once we got there (5 minutes later) and we both enjoyed a gorgeous morning run.


When I finished running, we ended at a park and played for an hour before heading home for lunch, showers and more playtime. He was truly giddy as he realized the absence of big brother meant all the toys were just for him and all Mommys attention was his as well.


Before we knew it it was time to pack up and head back to pick up Jackson (the first 2 weeks are only 3 hours as the kids transition). I’ll admit, seeing him at pickup cued all the waterworks. It took a lot to hold back the tears. I just can’t believe how big he’s gotten and how independent. He was excited to tell me all about his day (he “ate all his lunch and played with his friend Layla at the park at his school”). And as hard as it is to let my baby go and start this next journey, that will inevitably last the next 15 years, I’m so proud of him and his confidence to start this next phase. It makes me appreciate our time together more and gives me a much needed break to just be one on one with Andrew, and soon with Kyle as well. I think all around our decision to start preschool this year was the best one we could have made for our family and I’m excited to see¬†how he’ll learn and grow!


Three years ago at this exact moment, 7:36am, we welcomed Jackson Wyatt into our lives. From the moment he made me a mama he’s had me wrapped around his finger, stolen my heart completely and kept me on my toes.


I feel like it was just yesterday that we were decorating the house with everything planes, trains and automobiles to celebrate Jackson turning 2. And somehow I blinked and suddenly my “baby” boy isn’t such a baby anymore. He’s this walking, talking, opinionated little man who is every bit of THREE.


“Where’d these last three years go?” I find myself constantly wondering. I watch him run down the street with abandon, figuring out toys, tools and everything he encounters with amazing ease and words spilling out of his mouth by the dozens. Sometimes the things he says and does are hilarious (like today when I ran into the house for¬†literally 15 seconds to pee and¬†came outside to find him standing with the garden hose totally drenching his baby brother)¬†and although many days are exhausting and we have our fair share of independence stating with strong-willed tantrums and yelling “stop it, MOM!” he’s my favorite little bud.


I have no idea how he ever grows because for all the hours he spends from the moment he awakes at the exhausting hour of 4:–am to the moment we close his bedroom door after goodnight books, kisses & hugs and always at least one run through of “the moon song”, he barely sits still long enough to eat. Lunch is always his best meal since it’s usually on the go, after a long and tiring morning. Lately we’ve been enjoying lots of snacks, fruit and PB&Js. He loves chocolate milk & juice though we give them sparingly. His favorite food used to be Papa John’s pizza (or Panera mac n’ cheese or Wendy’s chicken nuggets–and only from those specific places) but his pickiness has seemed to expand even more lately so that the only thing he ever asks for and will eat without coercion (other than lunch time) is eggs and toast. And usually 90% of that gets left on the plate too.

11000533_10204439331563044_5928756660522404626_o 11017023_10204224985524527_4173906712754822812_n

He’s an active boy. Always on the move. He loves to explore, to use his tools to build and fix things, to run around at the park or splash pads with his friends. He loves to meet new people and easily strikes up conversations with other kids on the playground. He’s especially gentle with the younger kids, always offering a helping hand and will just run around after the bigger ones, inserting himself into a game of chase.¬† We go to the zoo weekly most weeks and he really enjoys seeing all the animals. He and baby brother especially like to growl at the lions and tigers.


He’s quick to give hugs and kisses, and to tell you “I love you TOO” or “I missed you, mommy”. And it never fails to melt my heart. He’s especially generous with his love giving to Andrew (and to the baby belly). He’s always asking to see the baby and genuinely is excited about it all, especially doctor’s appointments where he sees baby move on the television. At our last one he hugged Andrew and said “Look Andrew! It’s the baby!”


He’s extremely friendly and outgoing and usually really easy going about sharing with other kids. He often tells me on our way to a play date or the park that he wants to share a certain item. Though that sharing is usually in short supply when it comes to¬†Andrew. Don’t let that fool you though, they’re each other’s best friends. And honestly, it’s one of the things I’m most proud of. We wanted our kids close in age and we were very lucky to be able to have them almost 20 months apart. While it was more difficult in the beginning especially and sometimes now with them both being so young, it was absolutely the greatest thing for us. They’re so close to one another and are constantly going to one another for a hug or kiss or telling each other that they love one another. They play really well together a lot of the time and generally just make life so much more fun. Watching them interact and grow together is one of my greatest blessings. I hope their bond just continues to grow with time and expands to allow room for babe #3 in January.


Jack’s at the age where he repeats everything. Sometimes it’s amazing and pride inducing like when he learned to use all his manners from mimicking us. Other times, it’s a bit embarrassing. Like how his newest favorite phrase is “damn it!” Used in correct context of course. Oops. My mom likes to remind me though that next month when he starts school I can just blame it on that ūüėČ


Which brings us to…school. How is he old enough to start preschool already?! We registered him for a 3’s program at a nearby preschool that will be 3 days a week for half days. Thinking about it, and talking to him about it brings out all the ugly tears. Especially when he asks me questions like yesterday morning “mama, are you going to school with me?” No sweet babe, I’m not. “Will you pick me up from school?” OF COURSE! And then he makes me laugh by asking if Andrew will be going to school too. When I tell him no, not yet he connects the dots “Oh, cause Andrew no go pee pee in the potty.” At Jack’s preschool he has to be fully potty-trained or they call the parent to come and change him. We were really nervous about it at first because he’ll have just turned 3 when he starts school which is fairly early for a boy to be potty-trained. But somehow we did it and that awesome kid of ours is full potty-trained (during the day).


I honestly have no idea where the time has gone and how he went from this tiny 7lb 6.2oz baby boy to a 36lb+ little man.¬† He’s the one who made me a mommy, who fills my day with excitement, joy and fun and reminds me daily to appreciate the little things. Living life through his eyes is such a blessing and I feel so incredibly lucky to be his mama.


Jackson Wyatt, you are the world to us. We couldn’t be more proud of the little man you’re growing into and hope you have the most magical day celebrating YOU. You are loved beyond¬†measure.


Life With Two

When you first think of having a second child, it’s a huge decision. You debate about timing and whether the first child will become jealous or not. If they’re ready for a little brother or sister. You talk finances and the enormity of doubling diapers, wipes, childcare expenses. You look back on the newborn stage of your first bundle of joy with ruby glasses: the sleepness nights didn’t seem so endless, the diaper blowouts weren’t so bad, and the physical challenge of actually bringing the child into the world somehow gets clouded and overshadowed¬† by the joy of him finally being in your arms.

Those two lines show up on your test, the digital probe reads “Pregnant” and suddenly you’re second guessing everything, wondering “Holy shit, what were we thinking?!”¬† And that’s just the beginning.


You spend the next 9 months becoming slower and slower as your body morphs into something vaguely resembling a small planet and your toddler gets faster and faster and begins testing his boundaries. Climbing the stairs becomes an Olympic workout that usually takes 20 minutes and requires full usage of the handrails, especially since said toddler acts as a 30lb weight attached to one of your legs laughing hysterically. The months fly by and before you know it you’re standing in the delivery room, freshly admitted and told on April Fool’s Day that you’re in fact in labor, 4cm dilated and having a baby. No fooling here.


And then it all comes crashing back. You still have to get this sweet, gigantic, loveable, alien out. 22 hours later he comes quickly into the world and your life begins as a family of four, ready or not.


Those sleepless nights lead to sleepless weeks as you now have to be up with a toddler at the crack of dawn, whether or not you’ve slept a wink the night before. You inhale any food that you can find, regardless of its expiration date, taste or consistency. You just need food, fast and preferably that can be eaten by shoving your face into it because you have a toddler attached to your right hip and a newborn attached to your left boob, both sitting precariously, threatening to drop at any moment. Showers consist of you lathering up the baby, toddler and whatever parts of yourself you can reach with one hand because you’re holding that adorable infant while the toddler drinks shower water off the floor that he just happily peed on, beaming with pride at pottying by himself. Outings are literal three ring circuses as you attempt to keep both kids clean, happy and fed without breaking anything while pushing a mammoth double stroller around aisles designed for half their size, hair sticking up in every direction, dark circles under your eyes, mismatched shoes, a half dressed toddler attempting to dismantle a manikin and an infant upchucking your freshly created breastmilk all over your last “clean” shirt. You don’t have time, much less, the energy to realize or care that your boob is still half exposed from nursing, your other boob is leaking and both children just took massive poops that are now cropdusting other shoppers.

But as crazy, chaotic and stressful life as a family of four often is, it is filled with so much love and joy. There is never a dull moment in our house and I mean that in the best possible way. There’s always the sound of running feet¬†and laughing children, often amidst endless cartoons and the sound of those same feet escaping over the baby gate. When your kids aren’t threatening to kill one another, the infant pulling out the toddler’s hair that took him 2 entire years to grow or the toddler using the infant as a trampoline, they laugh and play. The love between siblings, even at this age is remarkable, it’s warming and it’s absolutely heart melting. You can see it in their eyes when they see one another. They light up! Their love and bond is deep and undeniable.


Before Andrew careened into our world I had no idea that I had the capacity to love another child like I loved Jackson. He was my first born, my baby, the little one who made me a mommy. But oh sweet second time mama-to-be’s, there is more room than you ever knew existed. There’s a love that is about to fill you that is greater than anything you could have imagined. And the love you had for your first born, hold on. It’s about to quadruple because watching that now big kid of yours transition from only child to big sibling is the icing on the metaphorical cake. Life couldn’t get sweeter. Unless they would coordinate naps. Or your infant learned to sleep through the night. Or one or both children magically began to wipe their own butts.

It’s a crazy ride. I’m the first to admit it. The time you thought was so nonexistent before is even more so. Sleep is even more of a fictitious term. Mom brain is a very real thing and coffee is an absolute necessity. But it’s worth it. Because in the midst of it all is this incredible little family that you and your partner have created, a siblings bond¬†and lifelong friendship that will be tested but true, and more love and laughter than you could imagine. Your heart will explode with love that words can’t describe and your life will feel more complete than you knew possible.


Day In The Life

A look into what our Tuesday looked like this week.

Midnight: Andrew starts fussing in the pack n play next to me. After a few minutes he’s still not settling himself, so I check his diaper and he’s soaked. I change him, give him a bottle and he flips back onto his stomach. He keeps fussing and after 20 minutes I give him another bottle. He finishes half, flips again and falls asleep.

2:30am: Andrew’s fussing again. I try to make him cry it out but 15 minutes in, he’s not having it. Another bottle and he’s back down.

5:45am: Andrew’s up for the day. I roll over, smack Bry to wake up to get ready for work, pick up Andrew and head downstairs. Change Andrew, set him up¬†with a bottle¬†and start the coffee.


6:30am: Eat breakfast. Chug coffee. While feeding Andrew. 4 egg whites, spinach, corn and Frank’s hot sauce with 2 slices of Trader Joe’s sprouted bread and as much Earth Balance as possible. Butter makes the world round¬†go¬†round.


7am: Get Jackson, change him, try to wrangle him to get a real breakfast but he refuses and steals an apple from the fridge. He eats while Andrew practices crawling. He’s now getting up on all fours!


7:15am: Dress for the gym, pack our snacks and bags for the morning and head out.


7:45am: Read Fitness magazine while we drive to drop Bry off at work. Kisses for daddy and we’re on the road again.


8:15am: Target run for diaper pail liners. I get sidetracked by Christmas PJs but can’t find any I love in the kids sizes (or matching ones for Mommy and Daddy). End the trip with only the one item we went in for. SCORE.

8:45am: Pick Grandma up. She’s joining us at the gym this morning to see how she likes it.

9:15am: Drop Jackson and Andrew at the gym childcare and head to Tuesday morning Bootcamp class. It’s my second time going and I LOVE it.

10:30am: Pick the boys up. Andrew sees me and starts bawling. He’s gotten rather clingy in the last week, poor thing. Jackson greets me with a big smile and “Mama! All done. Bye bye.” I grab an apple.


10:45am: We stop next door to pick up lunch. Jackson has a hard time sitting still while waiting for the food. I chase him around praying he doesn’t break any of the wine bottles.


11:15am: Get home. Change both boys and put them down for naps. I head to the computer to work on some projects and eat this Kind bar. It’s delicious! I discovered it at a race expo and can’t get enough.


Noon: I’ve completely lost track of time. I finally peel myself away and sit down to eat. Just as I do so, I hear both boys downstairs. They’re up.

12:30pm: Finally scarf down lunch (Sushi. A¬†“Boston¬†Roll” which is white rice, shrimp, a mayonnaise based spicy sauce, cucumber, avocado and green onions plus a¬†green salad with peanut dressing)¬†while Andrew eats a rogue spoon he found under the entertainment system and Jackson terrorizes the dog.


1pm: I finally shower and change.


1:30pm: Feed Andrew which is a colossal mess as he karate chops at the spoon as I try to feed him.

20141104_135414 20141104_135418

2pm: We head out to the zoo.

2:30-4pm: We visit all the animals and play in the leaves. Jackson gets pretty tuckered out. I end up walking the last 1/4mi hill back to the car with Andrew in the Ergo on my front and Jackson on my back. Ouch.

20141104_144920 20141104_151638

4pm: Daddy calls as we’re waddling back to the car. He’s off work and on his way back to the shop. We get in the car and head to pick him up. I gobble down a granola bar as I drive.


5pm: Traffic sucked. We finally get daddy and make the half hour commute home. Both boys explode when Andrew gets woken up by Jackson hitting him in the head with Go Dog Go. I end up crawling into the backseat between them and alternate between all the nursery rhymes I know, praying at least one of them will stop crying.

5:30pm: Finally home. Rush to feed both boys, change them and attempt to throw something edible together to call dinner.

6:15pm: Shovel tacos into my mouth while simultaneously feeding Andrew. Ground turkey, shredded cheese, avocado, salsa and sour cream on corn and whole wheat tortillas. Yum.


6:30pm: Put Andrew to bed. Sing him songs and kiss him goodnight. Throw on some PJs and grab a handful of almonds and chocolate chips.


7pm: Sit down to write this post, half asleep. Call it a night. The end!