The one thing in my life I’ve always known I’ve wanted to be is a mommy. On August 19, 2012 we were blessed to bring our first miracle into the world, Jackson Wyatt.


Just before his first birthday we found out we were lucky enough to be expecting our second son and on April 2, 2014 Jackson became a big brother as we welcomed Andrew Weston into our lives.


We [most likely] completed our family on January 10, 2016 with the birth of our third son, Kyle Henderson.


Here are some posts following our journey through parenting, Jackson & Andrew as they grow and about our life as a family of four:

Parenting Posts

Jackson’s Birth Story

The First Few Days

1 Week Update

1.5 Month Update

2 Month Update

The Diaper Bag

Must Haves: Month 1 & 2

Postpartum Running

Jackson’s First Halloween

Cold Weather Gear for Baby

From Newborn to Infant

A 1/4 of a Year


Starting Solids

How Becoming a Mom Changed Me

5 Months Old

6 Month Check-up

Growing Up Too Fast


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