I was at a lower starting weight with Andrew than with Jackson and in overall better shape. With both my pregnancies I suffered from severe morning sickness. With Jackson I was sick from weeks 8-12 and lost 13lbs before I began gaining weight. With Andrew I was sick from weeks 6-22!! It was horrible. I took Zofran religiously with him and lost 5lbs before gaining weight. With both pregnancies I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains for the sake of my sons. But I’ll be the first to admit I pretty much lived on Chicken Parmesan and McDonald’s French fries with Jackson and fries and breaded chicken sandwiches with Andrew.

I continued to workout during both pregnancies but at a much lower impact. With Jax I ran through 33 weeks, swam consistently and walked a lot. With Andrew I ran through 22 weeks and was then put on limited activity for preterm labor. I swam once and did light weights and walking until 26 weeks when I was put on bedrest for continued preterm labor and then started walking again at 36 weeks when I was allowed to. I still chased Jax around since that’s my job. I also did prenatal yoga through both pregnancies and can’t recommend it enough+ regular exercise to all mamas-to-be. I had very easy deliveries with both (3 pushes with Jackson and 1 with Andrew) if that says anything 🙂

In the end, enjoy this time because it is fleeting. Indulge in your cravings, enjoy the extra required rest and sleep and remember, you’re growing a baby! That’s something to be proud of in and of itself.

Edit: And now there’s a third pregnancy to add! With Kyle, I started at my lowest pre-pregnancy weight, 2lbs less than where I was with Andrew. I had the worst morning sickness with Kyle and it started the earliest, at exactly 5 weeks. By this pregnancy there was a lot of conflicting information circulating about the safety of Zofran during pregnancy, and it’s potential effect on the unborn child, including but not limited to ureter and kidney issues. I took Zofran for months with Andrew and he was born with only one kidney, sever hydronephrosis in the surviving kidney and a condition called Mega Ureter. For this reason, I never took Zofran with Kyle. There’s only one FDA approved morning sickness pill called Diclegis, which I used. It wasn’t as effective for me, but well worth the knowledge that it wouldn’t harm my son.

Chasing 2 toddlers while pregnant and sick as a dog was tough enough as it was. When I first got pregnant, I was already walking as my main form of exercise during the 2 week wait, so I continued that. I’d walk to and from parks with the boys and that’s most of what I did until 12w. I was extra cautious with this pregnancy in fear that something bad would happen. So many people we knew were experiencing heartbreaking losses and I was terrified. After 12w, when we had the NT scan done and we knew he was growing wonderfully, I felt a bit safer and started slowly jogging again. Once Jax began preschool I went out more regularly for 3-4mi runs with Drew in the single jogging stroller. I practiced prenatal yoga a LOT as I felt completely safe doing it and it felt wonderful to do. I only swam once, which oddly enough didn’t feel great. I ran through 24 weeks when I ran a 5k with one of my friends and then running didn’t feel wonderful and I hung up my shoes. Kyle was always really low so I felt much more pressure during activity with him than with my first 2 pregnancies. I never had preterm labor with Kyle though I had a TON of Braxton Hicks. I craved, and ate, a lot of Reubens and diet coke with him 🙂


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